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Nevermore Farm has been marching to the beat of a different drummer since 2005. We serve a limited number of farm membership subscribers, and deliver our products directly to members’ doorsteps in the Woodland, Davis, Williams, Arbuckle and Colusa area. Our passion is to introduce you to an array of interesting, nutritious foods, guide you as you gain a command of the culinary skills needed to enjoy healthful meals, and support you as you explore your own relationship with the vast subject of Food as little or as much as you wish. We live in a Foodstyle here in our farm….and we’d like to share it with you.


If you need directions to our farm, click here. We are closed to the public except by appointment.  

August 4, 2012

I often find the direction of my life changed on the spur of a moment. Reading about this, experiencing that…some previously unknown information or pursuit that lights the path forward. A friend and CSA member supplied the latest lightning strike by sharing an article with me. But before I cite it, I have to note that this is the second major shift initiated by my friend. After suffering a really stupendous bout of health problems, she and her two children finally found out something very, very important…they have celiac disease.

July 24, 2012

A recent dialogue with another farm regarding their website appearance caused me to realize that….our own site really could use some help. Lack of time, technological impairment, and procrastination all combined to keep that project on the back burner…until now. I had to face it, the other day—the single biggest thing I wanted to do with the site was have more current photos available. Hardly a week goes by without some visual nugget of farm living going onto my Facebook page; why couldn’t I at least get a few things placed on the site? Then it grabbed me….roughly 5,000+ unsorted photographs, taken over years with different cameras and cell phones and smartphones, were scattered all over hard drives and hidden in folders. No wonder I never tackled the job; the real problem was the job before the job. So with a deep sigh, I took a few moments to learn how to work with iPhoto, and started flinging images into folders. Renaming. Adjusting. It took one hot afternoon’s work, but about 3,000 photos since 2007 made it to some kind of order. As to the rest….well, I have to find them first.

June 4, 2011

I never create titles for these blog entries, but if I were to do so, I’d call this bit of musing “The Squeeze”. As in, the economic squeeze that seems to be affecting pretty much everyone I know. Like many things that start as a slow creep, I first began to notice something was amiss last fall, when I tallied up the annual income/expenses information on the poultry side of our farm.

September 23, 2010

An evolving part of operating a CSA farm has been to invite our members and our friends into the wake of our ongoing discoveries about the farm-to-table experience. I believe that no farmer can do a good job unless they become a bit of a chef as well…learning the intricacies and variances of the preparation of the foods they bring into being. How are you supposed to guide your growing choices and skills if you don’t have the feedback of what your own food tastes like, and by extension, how to cook it? Part of our journey has been the study and application of historical technologies, some of them ancient, as they pertain to food preparation. This blog documents another phase of this adventure!