April 29, 2005

Today provided a Marketing Educational Experience. For weeks now we’ve been trying to move our eggs, advertising with fliers around campus. No real luck. But as of today, I have six dozen eggs to distribute Monday. Wonderful! But it all came about in ways unanticipated. I tried, when I made the fliers, to think about what would appeal to others. Our eggs are fresh (good), no antibiotics (good), really large (good), and the chickens are happy (good). Well that was just great, but 3 dozen of the eggs were wanted by a mom who likes small bantam eggs for her daughter (the same eggs we feed to the peafowl because they are small and useless in our eyes) and a man who wants eggs for his broody hen and doesn’t care if FrankenChick hatches out (A silkie hen and a white leghorn rooster? ick). It all goes to show that whatever you think other people want, you are half wrong, and other people don’t think like you. No wonder it’s important to do a business plan…..
In other news, talk is turning to pigs. A piggy or two to raise for meat. They apparently have a short rearing time, and go to slaughter at 5-6 months. Maybe Bacon and Pork Chop will be on next year’s calendar….stay tuned. This weekend we have uninterrupted time to work….that never happens….so hopefully we’ll use the time well 🙂

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