May 03, 2005

I had a look at the white mulberry tree, this may be the first year that we need "the sheet" for harvest. We used to just pick the fruit, but the tree has grown so much and has so many berries on it that we may just be shaking them off the tree. We’ll see how that goes. We ate some of our first artichokes that the gophers didn’t ruin. The rotten rodents wait until the artichokes are almost ripe, and then at that magic moment they find and eat the roots of the plant and kill the whole thing. But the plants are spaced out randomly, and they haven’t found all of them. Yet. They were tasty but not quite like the store bought ones. I am losing the battle against the slugs, which are worse than I originally knew. They have taken a toll on the poor eggplant starts. I think my strategy any more is to plant 3x what I need in the hope that 1x survives. I have beer bait out, which every night claims a disgusting mass of bloated corpses, but they still keep coming. Anyone have old beer they aren’t using? Somehow I forgot to place tanglefoot on the apricot tree, so that was accomplished. Most fun of all, I went and bought the orange, yellow and purple paint for the front gate. You have to love a color named "Atomic Tangerine"! Can’t wait to paint!

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