May 06, 2005

Last night I found the first ripe golden raspberry. Delicious! Unfortunately the three ants that were lurking on the berry lost their dinner. The ants already have exceeded my willingness to tolerate them for this year. I found groups of them engaged in an annoying activity–clustering on rose buds and devouring them. I had never seen this behavior until last year. About 30 ants will devolve on a single rose bud. They will all be completely still, munching away. The only indication of their activity is that the rose bud which used to be pointy is now flat and eaten. Grrrrr. The little sprinkler of sevin dust came out, ants bye-bye.

Last night I also found out that the (curses upon its head) gopher is eating my GARLIC. Every book I have says that allium family plants are repellent to gophers and moles. Well I guess our gophers didn’t read that book. It’s enough to make me want to aim the shotgun at the ground and pull the trigger, except I’ll start getting like that Caddyshack movie. Maybe that’s not a bad thing….

The evening before I sent complaint emails to various compaines. When you use a lot of mail-order companies, problems are inevitable, and all have to be followed up in order to take advangate of those money-back/replacement guarantees. Sometimes I forget what I complained about, and unexpected boxes of plants show up at the house. Two wisteria showed up last night, and will be planted on the arbor out front, right after Ken finishes assembly. Our mail often has a sticker that says "A Parcel Was Left At Your Door, Have A Nice Day".

There is a LOT to do this weekend. Melon, pumpkin, gourd, bean and okra seeds need planting. The firebreak needs more discing–I am hoping to burn the field the Monday after next, if the stars align. The turkey chick area needs expanding, they are already flitting around. We need to order berry packaging supplies. I need to start painting the front arbor. Just another attempt to cram 4 days’ work into a weekend!

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