September 20, 2005

Don’t mind the dazed look in my eyes, it’s just……tractors. Roofs. Chickens. Flies. 218 unplanted flower bulbs.

We went out for a burger. That led to reading Wheels n Deals. Which in turn caused us to see the ad for a Kubota L3300 for $5600. Which in turn…..well you guessed it. We are the proud owners of…..we’re not sure what. It runs, it’s big, it even looks pretty good. It will be hauled off to Holt Tractor in Yuba City in a week or so. It needs a loader, and some miscellany. This will either be the deal of the decade or the stupidity of the decade, check this space for occasional updates.

Thursday 25 Delaware chicks are arriving. The shop is being converted into the chick brooder so they can all be comfy and cozy. I love chicks….so CUTE.

Flies are at their seasonal worst. I sit at work with one or three flyswatters in immediate reach all day long, and the same happens at home. I hate flies.

The garden is slowly looking better, as I am attacking some weeds every night. Major war between me and a huge fire ant colony that has set up near my tomatoes.

This coming Saturday is the last Farmer’s Market for the year. I am elated and sad at the same time….it was so much fun, and it was so much work…..well, it’ll be there next year and so will we.

The list of fall chores continues to grow and sound not-fun. But one thing at a time, it helps the whole look better, and that is satisfying. I have an internal debate running. I have an extreme circadian clock going on; when it’s dark out I pretty much don’t want to do anything except be sedentary. But so many projects need attention, I wrestle with forcing myself to work more hours after dark. Maybe that’s good, and maybe, what’s the point? I think winter and shorter hours exist to give us a break from the hard work of the warmer months. Then again, those projects don’t get done by thinking about them. We’ll see. I’ve learned that there are few jobs that cause the world to end, if neglected. I remember a ditty in Anna Sewell’s "Black Beauty" that I read as a child: "Do your best and leave the rest, ’twill all come right some day or night." Yup, something like that.

Lastly, we had a very enjoyable dinner with family recently. It was good food and company, and rather unique. Every item on the table, from the leg of lamb to the wine to the vegetable dishes, was either a product of our farm or that of another small farmer/rancher. Nothing was a product of commercial agriculture. It felt good to have that meal, and look forward to many more like it.

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