July 9, 2007

Plop, plop, plop went the sound of 36 baskets of premium blackberries falling to the ground. Every single one of them had gone moldy in a refrigerator with too much humidity. This pleasant discovery was made when they were removed from the fridge to deliver. The experience was a lot like watching a hundred dollar bill float into the burn barrel, except at least the turkeys and chickens enjoyed the moldy berries.

Sometimes there are frustrating setbacks and losses on account of things you just don’t know about until it’s too late. The good news was that we were able to pick 96 more baskets, which we did get to market with no further disasters. I really like berry season, when people see the berries and say “what ARE those?!” because they’ve never seen a two inch blackberry in their lives. And of course it’s followed by the look of incredulity on their faces when they actually eat one of the fruits….so few people have ever tasted a real blackberry. They are used to the rock-hard, marble sized sourballs sold in grocery stores for about $4.50 a barely-half-pint, primarily by one large company that shall remain nameless. Driscoll’s. Oops, that just slipped out. Anyway, it’s gratifying to have some shining successes. It makes up for the mold……


It’s already time to start thinking about fall crops and planting. This is easily the hardest challenge of the whole year, to plan and start the next season’s garden while barely being able to cope with the output of the one already growing. But, it really is just around the corner, seeds should start going in 3-4 weeks from now at the most.


We made a disturbing discovery this week, about Dazzle our peacock. We watched him….attend the peahen. HE WASN’T DOING IT RIGHT. Which of course explained why every egg those hens laid were duds; our boy never got the job done. I mean, how much is there to figure out? And yet on Sunday evening, in front of multiple witnesses, he actually completed the task for the first time. Don’t know if we’ll ever get any peachicks, but at least now there’s a chance. That is, if he can remember what he did. It’s not like you can just run downtown and buy the bird an instructional video…….honestly.


The last batch of chicks is outside now, and the bathroom is currently occupied by a 3 week old turkey and a 2 day old….we don’t know what species yet. The turkey now spends all day resting and gazing at itself in the mirror. And using a 1”x4” for a slide. Yes, a slide, the little bird sits down on its hocks and slides on the piece of smooth lumber from the towel rack to the countertop. I think it has incurred mental damage. No one would believe my life…or my bathroom.


Hope you are all keeping cool J

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