February 19, 2009

Today was a rare, beautiful day in Arbuckle. Sunny, no wind, green grass, blooming trees, and fresh smelling earth still absorbing the last rainfall. I took a clue from just about every other farm in the area, and got in one last application of copper dormant spray. Dormant spray didn’t go as planned this year. It took a very long time for the trees to go dormant at all. Maybe the 70 degree days into the late fall had some part in that. Then the usual procrastinations reared their heads. So the trees were sprayed twice, which now that I think about it, is one better than last year. Two plums have already started blooming. They both have alarming numbers of blossoms on them, which will mean loads of thinning. Oh well, that task won’t be barking for attention for a few months. All the broccoli were pulled up and fed to the birds. Those two jobs took up most of the afternoon. Tomorrow it will be time to transplant some babies out of the greenhouse and weed more. And tonight, it’s time to order some Asian Pear trees. We have really slowed down from the days of purchaseing 25-30 trees each year. The orchard is getting full. This year we only added a Highland pear, a medlar, and another mulberry. What’s a medlar? I don’t know, it just sounded good. I feel obligated to own one of every fruit tree known to exist, I guess. Which explains the loquat and the jujube. And the pawpaws. At least I draw the line at subtropicals and tropicals…no guavas in the greenhouse.

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