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Updated January, 2016

We are a very small farm that ordinarily serves about 30-35 families. Our emphasis lies with connecting you to our journey, discovering fresh foods from field to fork…we provide specialized culinary support for a delightful array of fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts. Located in Arbuckle, CA, we serve Davis, Woodland, the I-5 corridor to Colusa county, Arbuckle and Colusa. While our farm membership features regular Thursday delivery of a produce box, our program goes far deeper. We want you to succeed in your own kitchen, learn to love real whole foods, connect with new tastes and textures, and experience better health.

Membership in our farm is on a quarterly basis and enrolls you to receive our produce boxes, among many other benefits. Each regular Produce Box costs $25. Your membership with us is based upon how many deliveries you receive in a given quarter.To sign up or get more info contact Deborah by email (preferred) at, by phone (text message or voice preferred, voicemails have a bad habit of being overlooked!) 530-574-3597….but….if you made it this far and would like to know all of how our program works, please see our page that provides….. Insanely Detailed Membership Information!

Please note: Our farm membership program has many policies that rose from difficulties we had in the past and wish to avoid in the future. Please realize that becoming a member of our farm means you have read and agree to abide by the terms and rules of our program, detailed in……Insanely Detailed Membership Information. We know it’s a long read, but we give everything we have to run our farm for our members. All we ask is to meet you in the same place of understanding  🙂






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