Photos Around the Farm

Beren at moonrise, running in the freshly cut wheat field.


Winter vegetables growing inside of a huge shade cloth tent…and experiment to keep out marauding birds!


It never snows here. But on New Year’s Day 2011, it did. Our poultry pens, transformed.

This is our earth oven, in which we bake breads, pizzas and more. It is made of mud, firebrick, straw, feathers and a few other items. The finish plaster is in the shape of a sphinx. Her head is the chimney.

Our root cellar was completed just in time to store far too much winter squash!

When you can’t afford a pickup, you pretend!

About a third of the room in our home is dedicated to space for our produce box program. Boxes everywhere. But it is a very clean area in which to pack produce, and, it works!

We were thrilled to acquire a little Suzuki quad at a price we could afford. Here it is, decorated with transplants ready to go in the garden!

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