Yacon Plants for Sale

NEW! Updated 2/10/14:

2014 SALES ARE CANCELLED DUE TO INSUFFICIENT INVENTORY. In 2012 and 2013, we experienced gopher and weather-related crop failures with yacon (much of which was helped along by our own neglect), and were reduced from several hundred down to….two….plants in our greenhouse….that we just divided into about sixteen new plants. It will take us at least¬†one or two more years to re-establish our stock for sale….which puts us at winter of 2015. By that time, we expect to have about 25 surplus plants that we will be willing to part with for sale.

At this time we do not know of any other internet or mail order source for the plant. We do have contacts in Hawaii and Washington state; if you live in those locations, we may be able to connect you with a grower who might sell them locally.

We hope that you still enjoy reading the links on our site to learn about yacon. Again, we are sorry for the disappointment. If you are a professional grower and would like to communicate regarding cultural practices, feel free to contact us by email–we give priority to assisting other farmers who would like to work with this yacon:¬†nevermorefarm@gmail.com



In the past, we sold both tubers and plants. When sales resume, we will only offer plants for sale. Yacon tubers can be purchased, for those local to northern California: DECEMBER thru MARCH only. Ten pound minimum purchase. FARM PICKUP only unless the owner agrees to another arrangement. Contact Suzanne Ashworth at Del Rio Botanicals, 916-919-1843. Please be aware that TUBERS ARE FOOD ONLY and they DO NOT GROW INTO PLANTS.