Yacon Plants Not for Sale

Updated January 2016


It is with some sadness that I need to update this page to announce that we are completely out of the yacon business. A number of occurrences brought us to this place, ranging from gophers to business partnerships gone sour to neglect to mealybugs to burnout. We still have great fondness for this vegetable and perhaps we will revisit it again one day. I am leaving this page up for now, to see if I can keep contact information going with the few growers I am still aware of. And while I cannot offer any more plants, if you are a farmer or other serious grower, and would like to communicate regarding cultural practices, feel free to contact us by email–we definitely learned LOADS of information about the plant and how to grow it, and are happy to take the time to email or talk with you. Deborah Raven-Lindley, nevermorefarm@gmail.com

Here also is the link to our collection of online cultural information for the plant


Yacon tubers can be purchased, for those local to northern California: DECEMBER thru MARCH only. Ten pound minimum purchase. FARM PICKUP only unless the owner agrees to another arrangement. Contact Suzanne Ashworth at Del Rio Botanicals, 916-919-1843. Please be aware that TUBERS ARE FOOD ONLY and they DO NOT GROW INTO PLANTS.