April 28, 2005

Checked on the chicks this morning, no visible activity but lots of peeps were heard emanating from under Beautiful. It’s been coldish from a minor weather front, so hopefully they are getting out here and there to eat. The one found dead was checked at work, and it showed good yolk absorption but congested lungs (and no particular leads). I hope this is nothing infectious since that would just be no good at all. The regimen used at home is good for the birds until anything contagious comes along, and then it’s trouble. Likely I will never have more than 50 turkeys, just to minimize stress and therefore disease risk.
The transplanted artichoke was noted to have survived–barely. Lesson learned: they don’t like their roots disturbed. The big ‘choke that survived the gopher attack is plugging along–barely. Next time I put ‘chokes in the ground, they go in wire planting baskets. I am sick of gophers getting the plants just when they are setting their produce!
Ken has almost finished the grape arbor, it looks fantastic. Hard to believe, we have almost completed a project! Next the decorative gate will be finished. I have decided on extremely saturated colors of purple, orange and yellow for the paint (bug surprise). I’m sure it’ll look bright and cheerful, and set off the flowers I plan on putting out front. Tomorrow is Friday, I am thinking about getting more hay for the weekend but I guess I can do without it. Yesterday we got 100 lb Layena, 50 lb Turkey Starter, 50 lb Scratch Grain, and 50 lb oyster shell. That should take care of the birds for, oh, a few weeks. Wish they’d eat more grass!

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