May 04, 2005

Caught fewer slugs last night in the beer! Disgusting little things! I have been trying to get enough water on the sweet peas to keep them moist. With generous water they keep blooming, but as soon as the ground dries they will begin dying and going to seed. It’s inevitable, but with any luck they can last through much of summer. The Maxamillian sunflower is now 2 feet tall, I am tying hoops of twine around the stems to try to keep the plant compact. Last year it bowed out under its own weight, and made it to ten feet tall.
I found a willow switch on the ground that I was going to use for a project, and I wondered why it was still green. The branch had formed a root and was growing into the ground….I potted it and will see if it survives. The eggplant seeds that were a free gift from Peaceful Valley farm supply have had a horrid germination rate–25%. It’s going to take some work to get enough plants from that seed packet! The next few weeks are going to require getting a lot of seeds planted. Melons, gourds, pumpkins, squashes, and more all need to go in the ground. It’s looking like rain is coming tomorrow, which the ground could use. We drew blood from little Xerxes, his breathing doesn’t sound right. I’ll have it tested at work for avian respiratory diseases. He has such tiny veins! I’m starting to wonder why the birds that live in the house develop respiratory problems. Makes me wonder about our indoor air quality (which I doubt is very good, but that’s what windows are for).
Mopsy decided to go on a neighborhood walkabout yesterday. Bad pea.

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