December 4, 2006

Last night we visited friends for a dinner and socializing instead of the usual workdays. The meal was simple, but all of us there realized that we were eating something that isn’t to be had in this day and age. The point of this meal was to trot out (and enjoy for ourselves for a change) our own farm and ranch products.

A large slab was laid out, covered with hand-reared angus beef all cut at least 2 inches thick. The flavor and texture was better than the best prime beef I’ve ever eaten. We learned later that we were eating the chuck roast. So, a completely mediocre cut on that steer was better than the best good cut I’ve ever sampled. Then was the heritage hog, again cut two inches thick. Beautiful smoky flavor……and then the Montana trout and the split pheasants. The fruit salad was entirely grown in Arbuckle, with kiwi, persimmon, asian pear, and summer blackberries, with a few small additions from the store (somehow we’ve never figured how to grow pineapples out back).

I couldn’t help but think how 3-4 generations ago, the meal wouldn’t have been unusual. But to have a spread on the table in which the people eating actually know exactly where it all came from……it was a tasty treat, and a reminder that even though our lives are filled with hard work, we eat very well! 

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