May 8, 2007

I’m sitting here trying to think of what to write, and it’s like trying to organize a cloud of gnats. I guess I’ll start by not saying that we have been very busy, because…..well, duh. Right now we are riding through our biggest transition thus far. We are aiming our summer crops not to last year’s "Farmer’s market and a few CSA customers" level, but are moving into "Restaurant wants 400 lbs of roma tomatoes per week". No more orders involving one seed packet, for the most part. The greenhouse is all but done churning out the first wave of plants. 83 peppers and about 200+ tomatoes were planted in the last few days. And about 30 cucumber plants and 40+ eggplants. By the way, if you are on friendly terms with me, I’d think twice about visiting this summer. I’m gonna fill your trunk with cucumbers when you aren’t looking…….