September 23, 2007


Happy Equinox…..from here on out I am going to try much harder to get this website in shape. More, shorter entries but wiith more photos. I have learned that basically, if I work on my own computer, I can’t do anything except type…using all the bells and whistles requires working on a PC. I have easy access to one, so, no problems there.

Chestnut harvest began about 10 days ago, which seems to me to be vastly earlier than usual. This is the best yield ever, as those of our trees which survived the disaster of 18 months ago are now 5 years old and starting to really do something with themselves. Each evening, the grower has to go around and pick up the nuts that have fallen during the last 24 hours. Then they must be bagged and put into refrigeration or frozen storage, as they are a very perishable product. They taste delicious; we’ve been cooking everything from stuffing to chestnut apple crisps. We have been able to get a lot faster at extracting the nuts from their hulls, which helps a lot. Each day we are gathering 1 – 2.5 gallons of nuts, so the refrigerators are maxing out rapidly…..

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