October 10, 2007

We are happy to announce some significant changes! We’ve begun our transition into fulltime farming after years of working toward this goal. I have a new part-time laboratory position at UC Davis which was created for flexibility, and am learning even more laboratory skills and diagnostic tests as I work in multiple laboratory disciplines. This will also allow for extra income during the winter months.

For the farm, this means that there is a great deal more time available to take care of a significant backlog of chores, projects, and the day-to-day things that need doing. My first week or so in this schedule has shown me that 1) everything takes longer than expected 2) for every thing completed there are 5 things waiting in the wings 3) this is the most I’ve enjoyed what I’m doing in a very, very long time. I have been able to sow hundreds and hundreds of feet of most winter plants, on a scale something like 7 times more than what we did last winter. Pretty much what we aren’t going to grow are standard cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, celery, and…that’s about it. And as soon as I finish it will be time to do a backup sowing of things like radishes, beets, etc.

Now that the Woodland Market is over, we are attending the monthly Capay Valley Farmer’s Market, which is a really great market. We are also briskly planning to market our products to the Ashland, Oregon area. It’s a great community where a lot of the fresh produce we take for granted in a California winter cannot be grown with the colder temperatures, so we’re looking forward to expanding outward. We are preparing to increase our flower production about 300-400% over what we did this year, and anticipate being able to offer a greater range of beautiful cut flowers with high quality and reasonable prices.

Our website soon will look very different as well. This weblog will no longer be front and center; we’re going to redesign so that our products will be update weekly, and ordering items will be simpler for both CSA and restaurant clients, as well as people who would just like to have a little of this or that.  In short, we’re really starting to roll along, and look forward to all your continued support!

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