November 22, 2007

So much for writing more frequently! Our transition to our winter garden has been underway for several weeks, and has (and still is) been demanding of our time. But lately, my attention has been on turkeys, not too surprising for this time of year. It all began about 5 weeks ago, when we found one of our hens with one of the worst injuries I have ever seen on a bird. Some predator had attacked, and taken a chunk out of her side about the size of the cut surface of a large grapefruit. Still not sure why, but we decided to try to fix it. It took a solid hour of two people, with the bird in the bathtub, irrigating the wound to clean it and remove the hundreds of….life forms….(think larval-stage-of-housefly……the “m” word……) that were roiling through. The grotesque little life forms probably saved her, since however vile they may be, they clean wounds of infected and dead tissue. Then, an entire tube of triple-antibiotic ointment was slathered into, onto, all over, every part of the injury. The ointment was reapplied as often as needed to keep the area good and greased up. 5 weeks later, the bird was healed, although she’ll never have feathers in that spot again. Next, it was time to clean the bathroom. No magazine has the kind of housecleaning tips I need. What’s the secret to removing dried persimmon and glued on turkey droppings from bathtub walls? (apparently, about an hour of scrubbing with warm water). When we moved here, I really had no idea that our bathtub would be used for just about everything except baths.