April 25, 2008

It’s amazing the things I see, now that I work at home almost every day. If I haven’t already mentioned this, we have a free-range red-fronted macaw that flew in here about 6 months ago. It lives here now. Its former owners came on several occasions to try to reclaim it, but fortunately for the bird it had more brains than the whole carload of its owners, and eluded all sad attempts at capture.

April18, 2008

Life is moving at lightning speed these days, and I could write about a lot of things. But one item sticks most in my mind. Today I had a conversation with a client that acts as a distributor, and we were discussing the financial nuances of what a farmer like myself can ask for in the way of prices in a distributor-sales setting. I was asked if I had considered becoming certified organic, because then I could ask for more money.

March 29, 2008

Once again it’s 8:30 in the evening, we’ve just come in from working all day, and even though it was work work work, it’s never even close to done. This day started with a whole lotta irritation. Specifically, some yahoo came down the east access road to our property. They backed over an irrigation riser with their vehicle, causing a 20 foot geyser. Then, they apparently panicked, because when we went outside, we found that someone had tampered with the valves on our domestic well, changing them such that had we not had a safety override on the system, our well pump could have burned up. I am making a certain amount of surmises as to what happened, but this kind of occurrence has just cemented my decision to hedge off our eastern border as time goes on. There are no end to idiots who will cause accidental damage and then try to "fix it" when they don’t know anything about how to do so. So I had to waste some hours trying to dig out the broken line and flush the line. Ah, Sundays.