August 21, 2008

For some weeks I’ve meant to write about a favorite part of my farm schedule, which is my weekly delivery route for our CSA customers in Colusa. Every week, on Thursday morning (and often between 6 and 7 am), I depart Arbuckle in my decrepit Toyota wagon to make the hour and forty-five minute route. It takes an hour and forty-five minutes because unlike the other pickup-driving, need-to-get-there yesterday people on the road, I’m just not in a hurry and actually drive the speed limit. Or less. It depends on my mood.

August 19th, 2008

After what seems like weeks of "one thing after another" we finally caught a break. The weather cooled into the 80s/low 90s, which finally let me accomplish something. I’ll be the first to admit, I really, really don’t like working in much above 94 degrees. I’d rather be out weeding in a rainstorm. And alas, 94+ is pretty much most of the summer up here. There are always the usual strategies; get up and work from 5-9, or work after dark with the help of floodlights. But nothing beats some actual cooler weather for taking care of those long neglected tasks. The past two days have been the usual Gathering of the Produce. At the moment my living room floor is covered with 10 bins of peaches, 2 bins of beans, 2 bins eggplant, 2 bins peppers, 2 bins squash, a bin each of apples and of okra. A bucket of hot chiles sits on the freezer. The refrigerators have bins of figs, more beans, more egplant, and who really knows what else. The table outside has 3 bins of tomatoes. Some of this goes to the Farmer’s Market tonight, and the rest goes out to our CSA customers tomorrow.