December 28, 2008

Even though our farm name was a bit goofed up, we were thrilled to be mentioned in an SF Chronicle newspaper article with regard to our adventures on December 24th.  We participated in a Jewish kosher turkey slaughter by supplying 20 of our heritage Narragansett turkeys to this event and helped out as needed. This was a lot of work for us, up at 5 am in the dark and rain on a day that would normally have been a holiday (and poor Ken’s first day of his annual vacation from his job at UC Davis). 

I had a lot of fears and concerns about participating in this event…anyone who knows me knows that we don’t transport our birds and we don’t let other people slaughter our birds…it’s all part of us being very protective of the humaneness and overall treatment of our animals. Those worries rapidly went to rest as we met the participants and listened to what was said and saw what was done. It felt very affirming to hear a group of people who were from a different background (not small farmers) express such concern for the welfare of the animals and how they were raised–the same concerns that caused our farm and Wind Dancer Ranch to produce sustainable meats in the first place. And usually, the act of slaughtering and dressing is something that most people go out of their way to avoid. Hearing and seeing the respect and appreciation that everyone had for their ability to witness and have hands-on involvement in the act of transforming a living animal into food for their own meal…I just thought very highly of my entire experience with the kosher slaughter. It feels good when I can realize that others, people with whom I’ve had no previous discussion or prior contact, have independently arrived at a similar conclusion to a complex problem–how to have socially responsible food. When I learned that each one of our animals passed the rabbi’s inspection, it made me feel that this stamp of quality was a testament to the care we take with our flocks–we’re doing something right, and it shows in the finished product. 

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