August 20th, 2009 pt. 2

Since I originally meant to write about a topic besides filth, here is part two. Many persons feel they are well informed in today’s society. Reading a reputable newspaper, perusing multiple internet journals and commentaries, looking at acclaimed news sources such as BBC online, and even balanced coverage of television and radio news…if anything is to be found not owned by Fox or Clear Channel.

August 20th, 2009 pt. 1

Last blog I recall sailing off into the world of Farm Fashion….or lack thereof. Today something came up which reminds me of another joy of farm living….filth. This blog is dedicated to those unspeakable episodes that are common to farming life….and part of why we don’t wear Versace out here. Today I thought I’d engage in a bit of long-overdue vacuuming….bust a few cobwebs, get all those garlic skins off the carpet.