Farm Internships-Sort Of

Nevermore Farm offers 1-2 open slots at a time for “internships”. It goes something like this:

This is a year-round farm that grows over 70 crops at a time,  including a diverse, 125 tree+ fruit and nut orchard. Planning, preparation, management and harvesting occur at all times of the year. While we are not certified organic, we utilize 95%+ organic growing techniques here, and can offer a lot of insight as to the pros and cons of different management practices. Insecticides are never used, and you will never be asked to work at a task with any substance you may find objectionable.

However, the labor laws indicate that in order to have workers on a farm, they need to be insured, paid a fair wage, and/or be receiving the equivalent of college course work. This must take into account all of the help that inexperienced workers are able to give to a farmer without first receiving hours/days/weeks of training and oversight. So we don’t actually have internships. But if we can connect, and become friends, then you are a Friend Who Came By to Help. Last I checked, the great powers cannot lock a person up for doing some weeding and sharing a beer while sharing in educational conversation.

What you get: A lot of free good food, plus the ability to be personally schooled in anything and everything pertaining to the operation of a small farm. In exchange for your time and assistance at some tasks that are easier to do with more than one person, you can learn a lot of stuff from us and skip all the mistakes we had to make in order to gain the knowledge. When spending the day here, relevant meals will be provided. If necessary, we have overnight space for one, and if you have an trailer that would be most handy. You may have input, to a certain extent, how to spend your time. Poultry husbandry, weed management, pruning, crop planning, preparation and planting, food preservation, greenhouse work, harvest activities….these are a few of the ongoing and seasonal tasks that can be explored here. If you are considering having your own farm someday, or would simply like the chance to become a more knowledgeable and expert gardener, time spent here will provide valuable information.

What we need: We are generous with our food and expertise but expect a certain amount of help in exchange for it.  If you have special talents, not all work needs to be done on site (we have had chefs, for example, who did some work at home such as shelling chestnuts or other specialty food preparation). You should be reasonably physically fit. You will never be asked to do work that exceeds your limitations, but most farm work is somewhat active and physical in nature, and includes a lot of work at ground level (bending over, sitting down, or kneeling). We take care of ourselves here, and that means breaks when necessary and other common sense measures. This is a non-smoking farm. You should be able and willing to learn new tasks and bodies of information. This could mean anything from learning to prepare seed starting mix to being asked to study the IPM Weed Identification manual. You should be capable of paying attention to detail and communicating well enough to ensure that you understand what you’re doing…..and asking questions if you don’t. You will be expected to complete assigned tasks in a normal time frame. You should be possessed of a good work ethic. We do take time to smell the roses here, but smelling the roses doesn’t make a farm run.

If you are interested in an internship I mean friendship, please contact Deborah  nevermore Please include as much detail as possible regarding skills you have to offer as well as what you hope to gain from this experience. We will need to meet in person at the farm for an interview (we don’t bite heads off, but we do need to be a good fit for each other). Both parties retain the right to terminate the internship at any time and for any reason, should the arrangement prove to be unsatisfactory.